Chelsey Kinsella

Chelsey has had a passion for horses, ever since she was a young girl...classic, right? But to the dismay of her father, she never grew out of it. She was blessed enough to have horses at a young age, and participated in both 4-H and Pony Club for many years, as well as receiving many private lessons.  She then went to university an agriculture degree  and then to a college for an EMT certificate. She was able to train horses for others during the summers. She is now fortunate enough to do it mostly fulltime as well as help her dad run their farm.



Mobile Training

Chelsey offers training at your house!


Horse Training

Onsite training, from starting to fixing problems, Chelsey looks forward to helping you achieve your horse goals

Training Philosophy 

As we get older, we continuously learn and grow. And the same has happened to me.  Horses are magnificent creatures, and it is a privilege to work with them. In order to do right by them, I am always learning. I am now at a point where I am putting in the effort to make sure that their mind is relaxed and focused and not just train the physical body. Don't get me wrong, I make sure they can turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches, side-pass, stop, back, etc. But when they are doing these movements, I want them in a relaxed and willing frame of mind. To make sure that they are not doing it out of fear. By focusing on their brain, the physical aspect of their training naturally follows. This also gets rid of a lot of "bad" habits, if a horse is in for restarting. If a horse is in for starting only "good" habits are formed, by keeping them in this focused and relaxed state. 

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